Sunday, March 22, 2009

No excuses

1 Month has gone by since my last blog, no I wasn't bedridden due to some sort of 'disease' nor did I fall into a coma, I've just been really really lazy.

Playing WAR hasn't been high on my list of priorities lately, nor is it likely to make it there any time in the all too near future. Especially since my 18th birthday the other week, and my newfound ability to legally buy beer in certain places (even though the Icelandic alcohol laws are absolutely ridiculous), I'll be spending more of my time drunk than not. 

Over the last few weeks the server has become worse and worse thanks to hundreds of new players on the server. It was laggy before but now sometimes at peak hours its just downright unplayable. I wont blame the new players, they are indeed more than welcome... but if you're gonna pour every player on a server starting with Karak' to ours they can at least give us the hardware you're not using... or upgrade or whatever.

My guild formed an Alliance the other day with the guild 'Jaded Brutality', we had an offer from TIP -The Imperial Pact- which is the biggest alliance on the server, but voted against it and formed our own. If you havent heard of TIP before they have some of the biggest most influential guilds on the realm in it, including CIR. They are responsible for some of the big fort takes and even our sackings in Altdorf (although I wouldnt give all the credit to those guys.. the rest of the server ofcourse contributed alot).

Regarding the Choppa; I tried it and stopped playing it at rank 4. My two favorite classes are DoK (my main .. 5/6 Sent now and Darkpromise boots yay!) and BG... so I've gotten used to being somewhat unkillable in 1on1 rvr. So my impression of being a melee glass cannon wasn't a good one. I didn't like how raw the class was, I don't like running in, hitting as much as I can, dying and repeating. When I play my DoK I put very much thought into what I'm going to do next, 'who is that Engineer back there getting his shooting on all over my ass and what can I do to make the next 2 minutes of his life as miserable as I possibly can?' that sort of stuff.

Many players, including myself were somewhat disappointed when they got to 40 with their first char, finding the experience too short and unfulfilling. Doing Bastion Stair with a large group was fun for a short while, until I got to city dungeons. I entered those with my guild late December and they were on farm not long after... if I remember correctly I got my Sentinel Robe on the 2nd time we entered BRB, in other words it was much too easy. I didnt get to LV until a couple of weeks ago, mostly because of my abysmal luck on obtaining the wards needed, but it was alot of fun... but falling short when it turned out I didnt complete some quest or whatever (am I right ?) to enter the right wing. And even LV was a bit too easy for my taste.

Continuing with the last column (I split it up so it feels like less of a chore reading) I discovered some lame ass wow clone called Runes of Magic... released 20th of March, it offers a ton of PVE content for savvy players such as myself. It's free to play (get away from that big X button reader, free to play doesnt automatically mean BAD anymore) and has alot of tasty features. Graphics leave a little to be wanted if you're used to what WAR has to offer in that regard, but nonetheless it does look 10 times better than any other f2p game. They have announced they are competing with the big brands (wow, war, conan) and even support player created Addons. It's one of 4 games to have its own addon page on I hope this will deliver the PVE I've been whining for since I started playing war. 

That about sums it up I think.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let us get cracking

Last few weeks I went on a hiatus, guess I didn't really know if I should post a blog about it but who really cares am I right?

Anywho, I'm hoping I'll go with Zinthiina to renew our subscription later today. And since the Icelandic economy went down the crapper (where we're from) we'll have to buy Gamecards instead of using a regular credit card subscription... it's like living in a 3rd world country!
Each gamecard costs about 4500isk these days, back in the summer of '05 I bought half a year of WoW gametime for that amount! Absolutely insane.

Not much to comment on the game what with us both being absent from it... we're pretty psyched over the new patch though.. even though I will loose my ability to bring back the tank with the healer Morale 4 insta-ress when things go sour during a difficult last boss (look up Bloodwrought Enclave... when right side was inaccessible without a Zealot), or when the Magus accidentally pulled a big baddy with his pet and we'd just keep going without him he'd at least be alive when it was time to put down the last 5% on him.

Not much to say... other from the fact that Paul still hasn't posted a Youtube video in my honor, but that's all the more reason to go buy that gamecard and just keep on pounding the blogosphere until he recognizes my existence.

Sidenote: Picture unrelated, just wanted to show the world my friend, The Political Blorc (the link is so it wont take some of you as long as it took me to get that).

Friday, January 30, 2009

A call to arms (not now but soon)

Everyone who follows this blog probably knows about the new announcements but I decided to write what I think about them anyway.

My call to arms most anticipated new features:

  • Land of the dead
I love Tomb Kings, it's an awesome race. To bad it's not playable ingame, well atleast they're going to be killable :) I'm also a sucker for exploring the landscapes of WAR so this will be a delightful addition.

  • Instanced Lairs
Well I only know a handful of lairs, and I've only once participated in killing a lair boss but just a second after Morra had fallen order arrived and they kicked our balls. And it was... well annoying ... Ii wish I hadn't been rvr enabled :P but this will be a useful addition to the game :) its also going to help the respawn time I reckon.

  • The new classes
I love the Choppa; they are everything orcs stand for and I'd really like a choppa to be my first alt... I originally wanted to play a Choppa so when the class was delayed I got a little disappointed.
As for the Slayer... well I've always liked hardcore ginger kids.

  • The new instance/scenario
I'm not really into Mythic's approach to dungeons yet, well my character is only at lvl 39 so I haven't tried the city dungeons/lost vale yet and I hear from Vilberg that they are pretty rad so I can't totally tell at the moment, but I never have high expectations for anything in life or ingame ((except for WAR like 2-3 years before release.... damn Mythic marketing and Paul Barnett*) also poor little me)
And as for the scenario I think it's good news to get some variety, but since I don't know the mechanics I'm not getting high hopes (it could be a capture the flag SC)

  • The new live events
I think live events are nothing to be siked about really. I like to look at them as a fun part of the game that keep you want coming back for useless but fun rewards. I think I spent a few hours farming ogres and such for a title I didn't even use during the Keg's end event... well atleast it was fun and that's what counts :)

So mythic... get me more Hyped up...

did I forget something? I guess that's all.

*Mythic marketing is cool with me and I think Paul is actually a pretty likeable bloke
** liek teh slayer 'n choppa pics?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's all about the bugs baby

I do understand that Mythic and EA have done a great job getting the game this polished before release, and doing such a good job at keeping up the bug fixing is just tremendous on their part.

But I would still like to talk about it some more.There are still an abundant of bugs and little pieces of code here and there not optimized correctly... whatever that means, if anything at all.

Lets make a list, shall we ?

I'll start:

A big bad boss resets his big bad HP to 100% mid fight.
I havent heard much from the community about this one, but it's the main ballbuster on my nerves these days. Ofcourse BWE isnt that hard, but when you're there for the first time it can be a heck of a pain in the ass when the boss suddenly decides that he'll return to his post, go out of combat then engage you again as soon as his HP returns to full. Add a buggy right side mob (where the right side is inaccessible because the mobs there are on god mode, thus rendering the last boss much much harder because you can access the mini bosses that drop the little trinkets that make him such a pushover) to the mix and you have 2 hours of resets at 10% and instagibbed healers.

Disappearing corpses.
Check out the picture with the post, that's from my guilds 2nd or 3rd BWE run. We went in there all jolly and whatnot about setting it to farm status and nuke the last boss even though we still couldn't get the mini boss items to make him easy... but that didn't dampen our spirits just yet! Too bad the CORPSE CONTAINING THE KEY (caps for emphasis) to the last boss disappeared into the ground and CSR were less than useless. 3 days later I got a mail from them telling me they wouldn't reimburse me for the loot the boss dropped... if only they actually read the entire report, especially the part containing "we dont give half a crap about the boots this guy drops, we want the key so we can kill the last boss...". I can be an angry person and this was just one of those moments you just wanna kill with something spiky.

Dismount when you run into the Apex in IC.
I mentioned this earlyer in the debut post... not sure if it's a bug or an annoying feature. I want it gone though =(

Melee mobs and their hidden ranged attacks
This isnt a major bug I'd say .. there aren't many of these I've encountered over my days as a War player. But it can be particularly annoying when you accidentally pull a champion and he just stands still and all you can do is watch your HP fade away, slowly (not so slowly on a magus it seems) but surely.

Wrong models, wrong class.
Check out the post below ... this is actually a fun bug, it's so much fun when you come across one of these!
I actually hope its some sort of strange feature.

If you have a bug you'd like to remind me of (this is all I could muster in my feeble mental state.. 3 hours of non stop snowboarding WHOO!) please do drop a comment.
Heck, drop a comment even if all you have to say is how poor I am at snowboarding.

Edit: Omelettez's comment about how Zealot buffs give you a warning about how you cant cast the buff on players because theyre not in your group got me thinking about how when I cast Guard on a player (when I'm playing my Blackguard Yradys) I get a message on my screen telling me the targetted player must in be in my group and it casts anyway. Thanks Omelettez.

Zinthiina the mighty mag... Witch elf

I stubled upon a fantastic bug today. A robe that made my Magus look like a Witch elf or... kinda. Maybe a crippled Witch elf since it looks as if the hands are floating mid air and there's no neck. What a delightfully lovely bug :)

If you play a magus, and you're into silly bugs I recommend you take the quest Heart of strength in chapter 21, Reikland to get this wicked awesome robe/BDSM leather bikini thingy.

A good idea

Well I don't know how to start I'm not much of a writer. Blogging has never really been my thing but since the WarOnline blogging community is awesome I thought I'd give it a try.

To describe myself as a gamer I'd say that I'm more of a casual type. I like the little things about WAR. To name a few I like how the fireplace in the library in IC opens up and gives you a magic 8ball like skull(sorry for spoiling but I love that skull, its awesome), or the fact that some prophet in Reikland just stands by a gigantic waterfall all day long for no reason it seams. maybe he's hiding or something, I don't know. It adds a warm feel that I can't explain and that I've never felt from any another game.

Currently I haven't been able to play WAR as much I've wanted to, there's a lot going on in school and such. So the only time I've been able to play is at weekends and at night while my girlfriend's asleep (reached lvl38 at about 02:30 tonight). Well who'd have known, this blogging thing kinda works for me. My head feels lighter.

I guess that's all for now
seeya on the battlefield

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new beginning..

Yes my dear reader, yet another blog has crawled up from the infected bowels of the Undercity and made its way up all the way to the realm of the sane.
This being said I would like to thank you for visiting our humble blog about all the beautiful and not so beautiful things in Warhammer© Online.

First of all, I believe an introduction is in order. 

I am the healfully inept Disciple of Khaine, Vilberg of the server Karak Norn. Although originally from Karak Ungor, I along with Zinthiina transferred due to zero server activity at the time. 
Accompanied by my good friend whom I have known for years Zinthiina the mighty magus.

We are currently members of the guild The Unforgiven, although our aspirations are high we only have a handful of people to conduct PvE with, our progress is steady and both Bloodwrought Enclave and Bilerot Burrow were on farm status within days of our first real attempts at them with a decently warded group, which was not so many moons ago.

This pretty much should have you caught up on what we were doing before this blog came along,  without me having to go into details (my first epic, my first kiss, my first pat on the back for pushing a button, my first etc. etc.). Although one day... you never know.

What we hope to accomplish with this blog is as follows;

1.) Have Paul Barnett say our names in a youtube video (this one makes me feel butterflies in my stomach.. hihi)

2.) Talk about stuff ... stuff we don't like! Stuff we do like! When are you going to fix it so that I don't have to dismount when I run into the Apex in IC? huh ?

3.) Be part of the Warhammer© Online blogging community, we are both dedicated readers to some, if not most of the other blogs, and the Age of Blogging incentive drove us to create our own little slice of slicing up, cooking etc. dwarfs and all those other pest we encounter every day on the battlefield... but mostly dwarfs.