Sunday, March 22, 2009

No excuses

1 Month has gone by since my last blog, no I wasn't bedridden due to some sort of 'disease' nor did I fall into a coma, I've just been really really lazy.

Playing WAR hasn't been high on my list of priorities lately, nor is it likely to make it there any time in the all too near future. Especially since my 18th birthday the other week, and my newfound ability to legally buy beer in certain places (even though the Icelandic alcohol laws are absolutely ridiculous), I'll be spending more of my time drunk than not. 

Over the last few weeks the server has become worse and worse thanks to hundreds of new players on the server. It was laggy before but now sometimes at peak hours its just downright unplayable. I wont blame the new players, they are indeed more than welcome... but if you're gonna pour every player on a server starting with Karak' to ours they can at least give us the hardware you're not using... or upgrade or whatever.

My guild formed an Alliance the other day with the guild 'Jaded Brutality', we had an offer from TIP -The Imperial Pact- which is the biggest alliance on the server, but voted against it and formed our own. If you havent heard of TIP before they have some of the biggest most influential guilds on the realm in it, including CIR. They are responsible for some of the big fort takes and even our sackings in Altdorf (although I wouldnt give all the credit to those guys.. the rest of the server ofcourse contributed alot).

Regarding the Choppa; I tried it and stopped playing it at rank 4. My two favorite classes are DoK (my main .. 5/6 Sent now and Darkpromise boots yay!) and BG... so I've gotten used to being somewhat unkillable in 1on1 rvr. So my impression of being a melee glass cannon wasn't a good one. I didn't like how raw the class was, I don't like running in, hitting as much as I can, dying and repeating. When I play my DoK I put very much thought into what I'm going to do next, 'who is that Engineer back there getting his shooting on all over my ass and what can I do to make the next 2 minutes of his life as miserable as I possibly can?' that sort of stuff.

Many players, including myself were somewhat disappointed when they got to 40 with their first char, finding the experience too short and unfulfilling. Doing Bastion Stair with a large group was fun for a short while, until I got to city dungeons. I entered those with my guild late December and they were on farm not long after... if I remember correctly I got my Sentinel Robe on the 2nd time we entered BRB, in other words it was much too easy. I didnt get to LV until a couple of weeks ago, mostly because of my abysmal luck on obtaining the wards needed, but it was alot of fun... but falling short when it turned out I didnt complete some quest or whatever (am I right ?) to enter the right wing. And even LV was a bit too easy for my taste.

Continuing with the last column (I split it up so it feels like less of a chore reading) I discovered some lame ass wow clone called Runes of Magic... released 20th of March, it offers a ton of PVE content for savvy players such as myself. It's free to play (get away from that big X button reader, free to play doesnt automatically mean BAD anymore) and has alot of tasty features. Graphics leave a little to be wanted if you're used to what WAR has to offer in that regard, but nonetheless it does look 10 times better than any other f2p game. They have announced they are competing with the big brands (wow, war, conan) and even support player created Addons. It's one of 4 games to have its own addon page on I hope this will deliver the PVE I've been whining for since I started playing war. 

That about sums it up I think.